US-Saudi agreement to allow ISIS retreat from Mosul

The ISIS members. File photo.
ISIS militants. File photo.

( Baghdad – The Russian RIA Novosti news agency reported on Wednesday that the United States made an agreement with Saudi Arabia to allow safe passage for ISIS militants to exit Mosul and retreat to Syrian territories before Iraqi government security forces start their liberation offensive.

The Russian media outlet stated that the agreement will allow 9,000 ISIS fighters to be safely transferred to the eastern areas of Syria to launch an extensive offensive in order to capture the cities of Dier ez-Zour and Palmyra.

“The United States and Saudi Arabia reached the agreement to provide safe havens for the ISIS militants and their families before Iraqi government security forces storm into the city of Mosul,” RIA Novosti explained. “The international coalition air force will conduct a number of air strikes on several buildings that were previously agreed on with the militants,” RIA Novosti added.

“US President Barak Obama decided to carry out Mosul offensive in October,” the media outlet continued.

Earlier today, Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah accused the United States of trying to mobilize ISIS in the eastern region of Syria and warned the Iraqis of a US deception that will waste the victory in Mosul.


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  1. This just a dirty face of Saudi Arabia and clearly shows his active role in the rise of ISIS in the name of religion. They are more criminal than the ISIS butchers. Why they are negotiating on their behalf and what they will do in SYRIA? If it has so much love then why not wellcome them in its territory.

  2. The US has everything to do with DAESH, ask Hillary Clinton…..

    Armed, funded and supported by the US and it allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey.

    Who do you think buys Daesh’s oil?

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