Video: ‘Ignition of War’ released by ISIS to document its battles in Mosul

( Nineveh – The Islamic State released a new video titled “Ignition of War,” to document its violent battle against the Iraqi Army, Kurdish Peshmerga, Shia militias and Christian militias in Mosul. The video was released in October 29th in the so-called ‘Wilayat Ninawa,’ ISIS’ name for the occupied province of Nineveh.

The footage shows violent clashes between ISIS and Iraqi security forces and ISIS fighters using heavy weapons to prevent the advance of the Iraqi troops toward the city, as well as some suicide attacks on Iraqi forces and Kurdish Peshmerga positions.

The video is the second to be released by the ISIS, after the joint security forces started the battle to liberate Mosul earlier this month. ISIS released another video in October 17, titled “Deterring the Hirelings 2,” which showed Islamic State militants mass executing spies.

Two weeks ago, US-led coalition, Iraqi Army, Kurdish Peshmerga, Shia militias and Christian militias launched a military offensive to liberate the city of Mosul from the Islamic State.


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