Video: ISIS executes 35 Al-Bofarj clan members in Ramadi

Screen grab from a smuggled video of ISIS executing 35 members of the Al-Bofarj clan in Ramadi.
Screen grab from a smuggled video of ISIS executing 35 members of the Al-Bofarj clan in Ramadi.

( As shown in the smuggled video below, the terrorist organization ISIS executed 35 members of the Al-Bofarj clan in northern Ramadi for fighting against ISIS with security elements, according to Al-Arabiya TV channel.

The governor of Anbar province, Suhaib al-Rawi, announced earlier that ISIS group committed a massacre against Al-Bofarj clan and killed dozens of them.

According to security sources, members of the Al-Bofarj clan, many of whom serve in the Iraqi Army and police forces, have been displaced to central Ramadi because of the clashes between the security forces and ISIS organization; the latter was able to seize parts from the area after attacking it on Sunday morning. Al-Bofarj clan members have fought with security forces against ISIS.

Video of ISIS execution of 35 Al-Bofarj clan members


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  1. This is way beyond PURE EVIL! It is hell for the people living there and being treated inhumanely like cattle’s (referring to animals) and how can we stop ISIS before it becomes WW3 and they will do the same to a my country or your country. This is totally unacceptable and this demented tyrant who tries to conquer the world following a lunatic god. Zeus shall punish ISIS and should not be reborn into the world of peace.


  3. What kind of question is that @Beluga? Welche die verwenden zum excecutieren? Of course if you follow the uprising of ISIS you know they captured a lot of weapons of the Iraqi army which were American and Russian weapons like the AK47 but many more. Also Qatar and Saudi Arabia sponsored some time ago deliveries to ISIS and America delivered weapons to moderate groups fithing against Assad of wich a great deal moved over to ISIS later on. If you see video’s and pictures of ISIS you’ll see what kind of weapons they use. But if you don’t know than apparantly you have no knowledge about this so does it matter what kind of weapons they use because these weapons are in the wrong hands anyway.

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