Violent clashes break out after 2 teens kill ISIS militant in Mosul

ISIS members in Mosul. File photo.
ISIS members in Mosul. File photo.

( Nineveh – Iraqi media outlets reported on Wednesday that violent clashes broke out near a house in the city of Mosul after two teenagers murdered an ISIS militant.

Al Sumeria News stated “Two teenagers from the Popular Resistance killed an ISIS member who was stationed in al-Hayy al-Arabi area in Mosul, then escaped to a house in the residential area,” adding that, “Dozens of armed ISIS members surrounded the house, then violent clashes broke out between them and the two youths who resisted ISIS courageously.”

“Clouds of smoke rose from the house after being set ablaze,” Al Sumaria explained. “The fate of the two youths are unknown,” Al Sumaria revealed.

The attacks against ISIS members in the city of Mosul started to increase as a result of a growing popular uprising against the presence of the terror group in the city.

The joint security forces, backed by the Army Aviation and international coalition forces, continue advancing in the battle to liberate Mosul from ISIS occupation.

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