Thursday, December 2, 2021


War against ‘Daesh’ will take at least 3 years, says U.S. general

Lieutenant General James  Terry
Lieutenant General James Terry

( The commander of the combined joint force in the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS, U.S. Army Let. Gen. James Terry said, that the fight against the group will take at least three years to achieve a turning point.

Terry said, that the first U.S. air strikes had taken place about four months ago, asserting that, it would take a minimum of three years to achieve a turning point against ‘Daesh,’ which is the Arabic acronym for the ISIS group.

Deash also sounds like the Arabic word for “Crush.” Terry has explained why he used the Arabic term ‘Daesh,’ saying, “Our partners, at least the ones that I work with, ask us to use that because they feel that if you use ISIL that you legitimize a self-declared caliphate, and actually they feel pretty strongly that we should not be doing that.”


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