War remnants transferred from Nineveh to Kurdistan: Iraqi official

Nineveh ( War remnants at the Iraqi province of Nineveh are mysteriously transferred to Kurdistan Region, a local official was quoted saying.

Alghad Press quoted Mohamed al-Bayati, chairman of the security committee of Nineveh council, saying that “truck owners have been transferring war remnants from the province to Kurdistan Region”, urging authorities to investigate the issue.

The website quoted a security source in the province saying that “Kurdish businessmen take those remnants for unknown reasons after agreement with the local government and some senior officers”.

On Wednesday, Pehr Lodhammar, a senior official at the United Nation’s Mine Action Service (UNMAS) two-thirds of explosives used in the war against Islamic State militants in Nineveh’s Mosul were thought to be buried under debris.

In 2017, UNMAS said it removed 45,000 explosive remnants and 750 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) across Iraq, including over 25,000 in western Mosul alone.

Several civilians have been killed or wounded when unexploded devices went off at areas retaken from IS over the past months.

Iraqi and Kurdish forces engaged in a military standoff last October when the Iraqi government decided to take over territories disputed with Kurdistan Regional Government in response to an independence poll run by the region a few weeks earlier. The Iraqi campaign ended with taking over oil fields and government facilities at disputed areas.


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