Video: Warplanes destroy large ISIS convoy while fleeing to Raqqa from Mosul

Aftermath of air strikes against large ISIS convoy attempting to flee Mosul, Iraq for Raqaa, Syria.
The aftermath of air strikes against a large ISIS convoy attempting to flee Mosul, Iraq for Raqqa, Syria on October 18, 2016. Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

( Nineveh – Iraqi media outlets reported on Tuesday, that a large ISIS convoy was destroyed by an aerial bombing on the Iraqi-Syrian borders, and indicated that the convoy was carrying Arab and foreign members who were trying to escape from Mosul to the Syrian city of Raqqa.

Al Sumaria News stated, “This evening, warplanes bombed a large convoy of 30 vehicles carrying Arab and foreign members of ISIS and their families, destructing the convoy and killing most of its occupants,” adding that, “The ISIS members and their families were trying to flee towards the Iraqi-Syrian borders.”

“The morale of ISIS militants was highly affected by the liberation battles in Nineveh,” Al Sumaria explained. “ISIS gave orders to its foreign members to leave from Nineveh to the Syrian city of Raqqa,” Al Sumaria added.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, coalition forces also conducted four strikes near Mosul which engaged three ISIS tactical units and two staging areas; destroyed 10 mortar systems, five artillery systems, four ISIS-held buildings, four fighting positions, four vehicles, two supply caches, two repeater tower generators, a VBIED facility, and a VBIED; and suppressed four tactical units and three rocket positions.

Yesterday, General Commander of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced the start of battle to liberate the city of Mosul from the grip of ISIS.

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  1. b******t,
    coaliation forces are there to protect ISIS, not destroy,
    they are taking credit for something they did not do to
    look good to the world when they are nothing but lying propagandist.
    it was more than likely Syria, or Russia,
    and there is a good possibility that this is altogether a big fat lie,.

  2. I do wonder how many children and wives of daesh fighters were forced into marriage, and had no choice in the matter of trying to escape, only to be killed. That’s the sad part. I hope this is the end of it. Long live the Iraq army and coalition fighters, who I hope can end this ugly, terrible mess.

  3. How do you establish a state and you don’t have any support from the world , it is really sad people believe in this ideology. Why can’t we live peacefully in this world side by side and believe in whatever you believe in. I am really sorry for the people who are fighting for this caliphate, loosing their lives thinking they will go to heaven lol.

  4. This war is created by USA just to make Middle East weak so Israily they can live in peace and air strike Vedic they shown most of it is from Afghanistan or USA air raid against Saddam forces American they protecting Isis but the problem is no body can complain even un work with USA and NATO they all got blood on their hands but on the tv they are angels

  5. unfortunately USA and their allies choice the ground of Muslim country to destroy them easy, there is peace in every country, except Muslim countries, but claimed that Muslim terrorist. during the Saddam period, there is everywhere peace and freedom, but USA and their allies attacked Iraq and killed thousand of innocent people today Muslim hurts from these countries, we will not forget cruel of these countries

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