Washington pressures Iraq to release Islamic State members: MP

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Baghdad ( An Iraqi member of parliament has said U.S. pressured Iraqi authorities to release some Islamic State leaders without sentencing them to death.

“Washington pressures the decision maker in the country to get hundreds of Islamic State members out of Iraqi prisons and hinder the implementation of death sentences issued against them,” MP Mohamed al-Sayhoud told Almaalomah website.

“Most of IS leaders, held in Iraqi prisons, had death sentences against them,” he added. “U.S. pressures hamper the death sentences made against hundreds of IS members.”

Last week, a court in Baghdad sentenced 10 foreign female terrorists to death over involvement with Islamic State.

Many IS members were detained during liberation battles that freed cities, which were recaptured by the militant group in 2014.

Earlier this month, the Iraqi Justice Ministry has announced carrying out death sentences against 13 convicts, most of whom are involved in terrorism. Six Turkish females were sentenced to death over affiliation to Islamic State.

In 2016, Iraq carried out death sentences against 88 convicts over involvement in terrorism, despite calls by international groups to suspend the penalties.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over the militant group, previously in December, however, observers warn that the group still poses a security threat with sleeper cells.

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