Yezidi Leader Mir Dasin Bag warns PKK to leave Sinjar

Yezidi Leader Mir Dasin Bag warns PKK to leave Sinjar
Yezidi Leader Mir Dasin Faruq Bag.

Sinjar (BasNews) Mir Dasin Faruq Bag, a Yezidi leader, stated the that Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) should withdraw from Sinjar before the people of Sinjar will be forced to take up arms against them.

Mir Dasin told BasNews the Yezidis have been calling on PKK to withdraw from Sinjar over the past two years. He believes that PKK is sacrificing Yezidis for its political interests.

He called on the Yezidi community to hold a conference in Erbil to reject PKK’s presence in their region.

The Yezidi leader said the Kurdish Yezidis are sad over the death of the “brave Peshmergas” in today’s Turkish airstrikes, adding that PKK and Turkey once again “opened the wounds of the Yezidis”.

Mir Dasin warned the PKK forces against exacerbating the situation to the point which would force Yezidis to take up arms against them, asking PKK to respect the decision of the Yezidi Spiritual Council and Kurdistan Regional Government by stepping out of the Yezidi territories.

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