Thursday, September 29, 2022


Dozens protest in Diyala over power outages

 Dozens protest in Diyala over power outages

Protesters outside Diyala Electricity Directorate. Photo: Rudaw

Baghdad ( – Dozens of Iraqis staged a protest on Wednesday because of frequent power cuts during the hot summer days in the city of Baqubah in Diyala governorate in eastern Iraq.

The protesters who staged outside the Diyala Electricity Directorate raised banners calling for the dismissal of the governorate’s electricity director, according to the Rudaw Media Network.

The protest took place after the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity urged citizens to reduce electricity consumption.

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity issued a statement last Saturday asking Iraqis to rationalize electricity consumption because the electrical system is affected by the high demand caused by the unprecedented rise in temperatures which exceeded 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) in some Iraqi cities.

Electricity cuts are frequent every summer in the Iraqi governorates without any radical solution to avoid this problem.

On Monday, Basra governorate in the southern part of the country witnessed angry protests where demonstrators burned tires and blocked main roads to protest against power cuts ongoing for days. Additionally, Dhi Qar governorate, in southern Iraq, also witnessed protests for the same reason.