Thursday, August 11, 2022


Drone crashes in Iraqi Kurdistan’s Erbil

 Drone crashes in Iraqi Kurdistan’s Erbil

A crashed drone. Photo: Middle East Eye

Baghdad ( – Erbil’s Governor, Omed Khoshnaw, announced on Wednesday that unidentified drone collided with an internet tower and crashed in Ankawa suburb in Erbil city, according to the state news agency (INA).

Khoshnaw stated that the place where the drone took off has not yet been determined, but investigations are ongoing.

Erbil witnessed last Wednesday an attacked by a booby-trapped drone that injured three civilians and damaged some cars on Salah al-Din resort road.

An attack by ballistic missiles, claimed responsibility for by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, targeted a site claimed it hosted a meeting of members of Israeli intelligence last March, but Kurdistan government denied that an attack took place.

Within a year, Erbil had been targeted more than 12 times, either by drones, Katyusha missiles or ballistic missiles.

Iraq that has long borders with Iran, which supports several local factions and militias, witnessed dozens of attacks on military bases of the international coalition over the past years.

Usually these attacks are not claimed by known parties, but the United States often accuses pro-Iran Iraqi factions.