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ICRC alleviates suffering caused by wars and displacement

 ICRC alleviates suffering caused by wars and displacement

Employee of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) providing assistance to a needy family. Shafaq news image.

Baghdad ( – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Iraq revealed its current programs to support and relief villages north of Miqdadiyah town, northeast of Diyala governorate, to end the suffering of displaced people.

Advisor of ICRC in Diyala, Moayed Mohamed Ghafour, in a statement to Shafaq news, said the programs implemented by the ICRC include a sustainable return program that aims to help returning families rebuild their lives in safe conditions, with access to basic services, as well as livelihood activities.

“The ICRC programs provide financial grants to help farmers establish livestock and agricultural projects, and provide farmers with animals or agricultural equipment, to have a source of income to help them settle,” Ghafour explained in his statement to Shafaq news.

According to Ghafour, the ICRC office in Diyala is currently working on assessment of the needs, in coordination with the authorities in the governorate, to unify the efforts and capabilities to be able to provide services to the most affected and needy families.

“In coordination with the concerned authorities in Diyala, the aid reached many returning families in 26 villages north of Miqdadiyah,” Ghafour elaborated.

Ghafour clarified that the ICRC also provides programs to support ladies who lost their husbands, and people with disabilities. These programs include providing financial grants to help them establish small projects to support their families.

The ICRC also installed a solar energy system to provide electrical energy in the clinic in Sensil village, to make the necessary medical services available for families in north Muqdadiyah.

The ICRC has been working in villages and towns of Diyala governorate since 2010, and continues to support families in areas affected by armed conflicts to protect and assist those affected by these conflicts.