Thursday, September 29, 2022


Iraq mourns the death of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II

 Iraq mourns the death of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II

King Faisal II of Iraq and Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain during the 1950s.

Baghdad ( – Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has passed today, September 8, 2022. Her majesty and the Kingdom are a fabric of Iraq’s history. Coincidentally, the former King Faisal I of Iraq died in 1933 on the exact day.

The Iraqi President, Barham Salih, offered his condolences on Thursday to the British royal family for the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

“I am deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I extend profound condolences to the royal family and to the people of the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered as a great icon of history who served with grace, dignity and fortitude,” Salih said via Twitter.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi also offered his condolences.

“Our deep and sincere sympathies to the British people and Britain’s Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II was respected and cherished the world over. We extend our condolences to King Charles III, and stress the continued partnership between our two countries,” said Al-Kadhimi via Twitter.

Iraq has a long and complicated history with the United Kingdom that began with the formation of Iraq in 1920. Britain seized Iraq from Ottoman Turkey during World War I and was granted a mandate by the League of Nations to govern the nation in 1920.

Thus, a Hashemite monarchy was organized under British protection in 1921, and on October 3, 1932, the Kingdom of Iraq was granted independence.

On October 3, 1932, Iraq was admitted to the League of Nations as an independent state, Britain terminated its mandate over the Arab nation, making Iraq independent after 17 years of British rule.

During World War II, Iraq’s King Faisal II lived in the United Kingdom, studying at Harrow School with King Hussein of Jordan. From then on King Faisal II visited the UK on official visits such as meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at the Balmoral Castle.