Thursday, September 29, 2022


Iraqi army reveals number of ISIS terrorists in Iraq

 Iraqi army reveals number of ISIS terrorists in Iraq

Iraqi military forces. Photo: Iraqi Security Media Cell

Baghdad ( – The spokesperson for the Joint Operations Command in Iraq, Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji, said on Thursday that ISIS terrorists in the country are very few, according to a statement cited by the state news agency (INA).

Al-Khafaji explained that ISIS terrorists in Iraq are less than one thousand, most of whom are locals, according to INA.

“These elements are spread in only four or five areas,” Al-Khafaji elaborated.

The military official confirmed that the Joint Operations Command has taken important measures to control the borders, and to be prepared for any emergency that takes place on the borders.

Al-Khafaji stressed that their work is ongoing to control and secure the Iraqi-Syrian borders.

Al-Khafaji also indicated that the defensive lines on the border with Syria are reinforced as two defensive lines have been established.

Al-Kahafji clarified that the first defensive line is led by the border guards, and the second is represented by the Iraqi army, in addition to concrete barricades and watchtowers.