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Iraqi e-commerce platform, Orderii, raises six figures

 Iraqi e-commerce platform, Orderii, raises six figures

Photo: Orderii

Baghdad ( Iraqi startup e-commerce platform, Orderii, recently closed a pre-seed round of six figures in October. The investment round was funded by Iraq Venture Partners (IVP), and they want to assist Orderii in future rounds of funding as well. 

“We have been serving the Iraqi customer for several years now, enabling them to purchase products from brands that they cannot find in Iraq,” said Shakir Ayad Al Jammas, Founder and CEO of Orderii. “We are eager to take Orderii to the next level with funding from investors and grow the business to serve the Iraqi customer even better than before.” 

Based in Baghdad and founded in 2015, the portal offers logistical services for popular products that are exclusively offered on foreign websites.

“Shakir has what it takes to grow a business in Iraq,” said Zahi Hilal, Investment Manager at IVP. “He has built a strong team and shown impressive traction without any external funding thus far. Now with funding, we look forward to seeing him take Orderii to the next level.”

“With this funding, Orderii will increase its presence in key markets like Turkey, China, and the US to provide Iraqis with more variety,” said Al Jammas.

According to the company’s press release, Orderii recently increased the size of its staff and infrastructure in order to meet the increasing demand for imported goods among Iraqi consumers. This rise in demand is a result of young people in Iraq becoming more digitally literate and using cellphones over the previous several years.

“We will improve the customer’s experience on our mobile app through the integration of more features which will enable a seamless checkout and package tracking experience,” added Al Jammas.