Iraqi Meteorological Authority warns of coming dust storm

 Iraqi Meteorological Authority warns of coming dust storm

Iraqi streets during dust storm. Photo: AP

Baghdad ( – The Iraqi Meteorological Authority announced on Sunday that dust storms will hit the country on Monday, according to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

A statement issued by the Iraqi Meteorological Authority mentioned that Monday’s weather will be dusty with chances of dust storms.

The statement added that temperatures will drop a few degrees compared to the previous day in central and northern parts of the country, while it will slightly rise in the southern part of the country.

In regards to Tuesday, the Iraqi Meteorological Authority expected light dust all over the country with temperatures slightly higher than the day before in central and southern parts of Iraq.

Dust storms are repeated unprecedentedly in Iraq, and according to experts, these storms are formed because of climate change, lack of rainfall and desertification.

Iraq is considered one of the most five countries vulnerable to climate change and desertification due to increasing drought and high temperatures that exceed 50 degrees Celsius in summer.