Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Jordanian YouTube influencer visits Iraq

 Jordanian YouTube influencer visits Iraq

Image source: Joe Hattab

Baghdad ( – Jordanian YouTuber, Joe Hattab, recently visited key tourist spots throughout Iraq including the Baghdad’s Qishlek Tower in Baghdad, Al-Mutanabbi street, Baghdadi Musuem, Martyr Monument (Al-Shaheed) and more. With over 10 million followers on his YouTube channel, Hattab showcased to the public the positive sides of Iraq and that foreigners can visit Mesopotamia.

Hattab also visited cities south of Baghdad including Karbala and Najaf. Key spots included the Imam Ali Shrine, Imam Hussein Shrine, Al-Ukhudair Fortress, and the world’s largest cemetery – Wadi-us-Salaam.

Lately, Iraq has seen a wave of foreign social media influencers visiting the Cradle of Civilization. To further boost tourism, Iraq now allows’ Visas on Arrival from 37 countries including members of the EU, UK, USA, China, Saudi Arabia, amongst others.