Saturday, May 28, 2022


Kirkuk’s Hawija to host marathon

 Kirkuk’s Hawija to host marathon

Athletes participating in a marathon in Iraq. CNN Arabic image.

Baghdad ( – Al-Hawija Sports Club in the Iraqi town of Hawija in Kirkuk governorate, in cooperation with the athletics sub-union, will host a marathon on Thursday at 4:00 pm.

“The 3 kilometer marathon will take place in the streets of Hawija town with the participation of many athletes from the governorate,” Ali Edan, Head of the Administrative Body of Al-Hawija Sports Club, said in a press statement to Iraqi News Agency (INA).  

In his statement to INA, Edan explained that the aim of the marathon is to send a message to the world that Iraqi cities liberated from ISIS terrorist groups, are now in a state of stability and peace thanks to efforts exerted by Iraqi security forces and the reconstruction campaign taking place in Hawija.

Edan clarified that the marathon represents a sports gathering for athletes from different ages in the governorate.

Edan indicated that the marathon’s starting line will be at the end of Hetteen District Street, and the finish line will be in the main stadium in Al-Hawija Sports Club.