Sunday, August 14, 2022


Longest bridge in Iraq to be re-opened

 Longest bridge in Iraq to be re-opened

A bridge in Iraq. Photo: The Iraqi News Agency (INA)

Baghdad ( – The Iraqi authorities are preparing to inaugurate the Al-Quwair Bridge, the longest bridge in the country, after a five-year closure because it collapsed during the war against ISIS.

 Al-Quwair Bridge is one of the main roads between the city of Mosul and Kurdistan capital, Erbil.

“Al-Quwair Bridge will be re-opened on Tuesday, July 5, on a trial basis, after it was closed in early 2017 during the war against ISIS terrorist group,” the Mayor of Mosul, Amin Finsh, said.

“Al-Quwair Bridge is the longest bridge in Iraq, and its reopening will have an impact on the level of trade exchange and transportation between Nineveh governorate and Kurdistan Region,” Finsh explained.

The bridge is 1.14 kilometers long and is located on the Tigris River. In 2014, ISIS invaded the city of Mosul and declared its control over nearly one third of the area of Iraq.

In 2017, the Iraqi security forces, in cooperation with the Peshmerga forces, carried out a security operation to clear the country of ISIS militants, and were able to regain control of the city of Mosul and the rest of the areas controlled by ISIS terrorists.

ISIS militants blew up the bridge at that time to block the way in front of the Iraqi security forces and prevent them from advancing further towards areas under their control.