Saturday, May 28, 2022


More than 2,600 Iraqi journalists lost jobs since COVID began

 More than 2,600 Iraqi journalists lost jobs since COVID began

Image source: Ashni Ahlawat

Baghdad ( – According to Unesco, more than 2,600 Iraqi journalists have lost their jobs since the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The cause is mainly due to the digital skills of younger Iraqis who are posting digital content that senior journalists lack. Violence and threats are also a challenge amongst Iraqi journalists; an issue the Iraqi government can improve for the safety of journalists and freedom of speech.

These challenges were highlighted at a recent ceremony that included journalists, Iraqi government agencies, international organizations, and foreign embassies including the UK embassy, Canadian embassy, Australian embassy, and Dutch embassy.

“We still need to keep up with global development in the areas of digital inclusion, particularly in the press sector in Iraq,” said Muhammad Al-Asadi, Executive Director of the Media and Communications Commission CMC. “Our next goal as a body is to build the skills of journalists and women journalists to be able to keep up with digital developments.”

“Crime and violence against journalists too often go unpunished. We believe that Iraq can do much better – press freedom and safety of journalists in Iraq can and must be improved,” said Rochus Pronk, Deputy Head of Mission at the Netherlands Embassy in Iraq.