Monday, January 17, 2022


Murals across Baghdad will celebrate the city

 Murals across Baghdad will celebrate the city

Mural of Zaha Hadid in Baghdad (Source: Government of Iraq)

Baghdad ( – The Baghdad Renaissance Project is in full swing. Vibrant colors fill the streets, giving the Iraqi community a chance to rebuild the art scene. Wall murals of prominent Iraqi figures and influences painted across the city of Baghdad. 

Iraqi global figures such as the iconic architect Zaha Hadid, the famous poet Al-Jawahiri, professor Mohammed Makiya and the late sociologist Dr Ali Al-Wardi will be amongst the many painted to elevate the city.

The Mayor of Baghdad, Alaa Maan says this is a marriage between land and its people. The murals of these Iraqi influences are of those who have left lasting impressions and contributed in ways Iraq and the world are forever indebted to. 

These huge murals of Iraq’s esteemed pioneers will add something beautiful. They will represent all those who have left a footprint on Iraq; a reminder of everlasting hope.