Wednesday, July 6, 2022


New Covid-19 wave hits Iraq

 New Covid-19 wave hits Iraq

Members of medical staff at a quarantine ward at Al-Amal hospital in Najaf, Iraq. Photo: Reuters

Baghdad ( – The Iraqi Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that a new wave of Coronavirus (Covid-19) is hitting the country, and described the situation as serious.

A statement issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Health mentioned that the ministry’s epidemiological team, while following the statistics of the pandemic in Iraq, noted an observable increase in the percentage of positive cases among the total tests performed in the past days.

The ministry’s epidemiological team also observed an increase in the number of hospitalized cases due to Covid-19 infections, which means a new wave of the disease is hitting the country, according to the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

The ministry previously warned against the emergence of new epidemic waves and possible mutations of the Coronavirus.

The ministry indicated that the resurgence of infections, unfortunately, is a result of the negligence in receiving the vaccines by many people despite the availability of vaccines in all healthcare centers in Baghdad and the rest of the Iraqi governorates.

Scientific researches and studies proved that most infections and deaths in countries of the world happen among people who have not been vaccinated. The weak application of preventive measures such as wearing face masks, social distancing and washing hands frequently also lead to an increase in the number of infections.

The Iraqi ministry stressed the need to accelerate the vaccination process, and to commit to individual and societal preventive measures.