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Terrorist group killed in air strike in Diyala

 Terrorist group killed in air strike in Diyala

Members of Iraqi federal police with military vehicles in a street in Baghdad, Iraq. Photo: Reuters

Baghdad ( – The Iraqi Air Force eliminated a terrorist group on Sunday in the northeastern Iraqi governorate of Diyala, the Iraqi News Agency (INA) reported.

The Joint Operations Command mentioned in a statement that the air strike was carried out by F-16 fighter jets in Diyala governorate, INA added.

In addition to the elimination of the terrorist group, the strike also destroyed their guesthouse.

The Joint Operations Command confirmed that security forces will continue to fight the remnants of ISIS groups.

The Iraqi forces carry out continuous operations against the terrorist group of ISIS, most of which are concentrated in the outskirts of cities and remote areas where terrorists are hiding.

Iraq announced in late 2017 the liberation of all its territories from the grip of ISIS, but the authorities are constantly launching security operations to pursue remnants of ISIS groups that carry out attacks from time to time in the country.

The Global Coalition against Daesh (ISIS) reported last month a decline in the attacks in Iraq and Syria during the first quarter of 2023 when terrorists are still active despite their defeat.

US Major General Matthew McFarlane, commander of the anti-jihadist coalition, stated that ISIS attacks in Iraq declined by 68 percent from the beginning of 2023 till the first week of April compared to the same period last year, i24 News reported.

In March, an Iraqi general said ISIS still had up to 500 active fighters in the country, now based in remote desert and mountain hideouts, The Defense Post illustrated.

A UN report mentioned that ISIS cells operate in rural mountain areas, leveraging the porous Iraqi-Syrian border and retaining maneuverability to evade attacks while trying to rebuild and recover, The Defense Post clarified.