Wednesday, January 19, 2022


An evening with Kadim Al Sahir

 An evening with Kadim Al Sahir

Iraqi singer Kadim Al Sahir.

Dubai ( – Hundreds of miles away from his beloved Iraq, Kadim Al Sahir; a national treasure who has touched the lives of so many with his romantic lyrics is set to hit the stage on December 12. The Iraqi superstar will be singing live, at Raffles The Palm Dubai, in an exclusive evening filled with some of his everlasting tunes and melodies.

Al Sahir’s popularity across the region has truly made him one of the most famous singers in the Arab world. In his most recent interview with Vogue Arabia Man, Al Sahir shares a touching message: “I carried Iraq with me to the most remote corners of the world through my voice, drawing the best picture of it so people can understand that Iraq doesn’t deserve war.” Iraq forever lives in Kadim Al Sahir’s heart.