Monday, January 17, 2022


Three Iraqi stars will shine bright on Dubai’s stage

 Three Iraqi stars will shine bright on Dubai’s stage

(Photo courtesy: Kane Reinholdtsen)

Dubai ( – Iraqi sensation Rahma Riad will be performing live in Dubai’s Festival Arena, 24 December. The evening will also include Iraqi singer Mahmoud Al-Turki and Iraqi DJ Aseel. 

Former Super Star participant, Riad has generated a large fan base in both the Middle East and abroad. Riad, who is the daughter of the late Iraqi singer, Riyadh Ahmad, has had a remarkable success story. Packed arenas and concert halls, her Instagram alone has over 4 million organic followers. Best known for her hit song, Al Kawkab, Riad is currently at #1 on Top 20 Delta Radio- with superstars like Amr Diab and Nancy Ajram trailing behind.

Mahmoud Al-Turki is best known for his hit song Taal, with Ali Jasem and Mustafa Al Abdullah. The song was received with much enthusiasm, with an astronomical number of 400 million YouTube views. DJ Aseel’s mix of modern and traditional Arabian music integrated with his own flare has set him apart from many other DJ’s. He has performed in Erbil, Dubai, Cairo, Bodrum and London, to name a few.

This diverse trio of Iraqi talent is a much anticipated evening by many. Each artist paving their way in music history.