Manchester United Zidane Iqbal to debut for Iraq

 Manchester United  Zidane Iqbal to debut for Iraq

Baghdad ( – Iraqi sensation Zidane Iqbal’s international debut is set to be next week in Iran for the World Cup qualifiers. 

In April 2021 Iqbal signed with Manchester United, the English Premier League club as a midfielder. In September 2021, he made his debut against the UAE U23s and the following month was named as part of the 23-man Iraq U23 squad for the 2021 WAFF U-23 Championship.

The teenage footballer’s allegiance to his country has resulted in a large and growing Iraqi fan base, felt nationally and internationally. As Iqbal gains momentum and recognition, many forecast a promising future ahead for this young athlete.

Just days away to the World Cup qualifiers, fans across the world are anticipating an epic game between Iraq and Iran – both of whom have had a long history of intense football rivalry. They are set to battle in Tehran next Thursday at the Azadi Stadium.