Talaba FC supports coach Ashraf

Talaba FC supports coach Ashraf

Baghdad ( The Administrative Board of the Talaba FC expressed their support for its Coach Nazar Ashraf and keep him on top of the coaching team to lead Talaba FC within the competitions of Iraqi Premier League.

The deputy head of the Talaba FC Mohammed al-Hashimi stated to “The Administration of the team wishes to keep the current coach of the team,” denying the rumors that mentioned “dismissing Ashraf from coaching Talaba.”

The Administration of the team gave the green light to contract with new players or dismiss those whom he thinks they are not fit to continue with the team, Hashimi added.

“The administration, coach and players should work hard to take Talaba FC out of the current position, before the last with eight points, because this position does not suit the reputation of the team,” Hashimi concluded.

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