Mofak Salman

Mofak Salman
Mofak Salman Kerküklu was born in Altun Kupri, Iraq and graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, an MSc in Medical Electronics and Physics at London University and an MSc in Computing Science and Information Technology at London South Bank University. He is the author of Brief History of Iraqi Türkmen, Türkmen of Iraq, Türkmen city of Tuz Khormatu, A report into Kurdish Abuse in Türkmeneli and Turkmen Writers, Poets in Erbil and a contributor to various newspapers and websites such as

Amir Abdallah

Elwy El-manzalawy joined Iraqi News as a senior translator and correspondent in 2017. He holds a Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Arts, Helwan University, Mass Communication Department and worked as a translator and editor at the Egyptian Gazette, El-Badil, Dotmsr, Mubasher and Xinhua News Agency.

Elwy El-manzalawy