Baghdad Mayoralty to launch 4 sculptures by Mohammed Ghani Hikmat

BAGHDAD / The Baghdad Mayoralty has announced on Wednesday the close launching of 4 sculptures by the famous Iraqi Scultor, Mohammed Ghani Hikmat, in a number of Baghdad squares soon, the Director-General of the Mayoralty’sPublic Relations & Media Office, Hakim Abdul-Rahra, reported. “The Baghdad Mayoralty shall enaugurate during the forthcoming few days 4 of the leading works of late Sculptor, MohammedGhani Hikmat, in an number of main Baghdad squares, that shall add an exclusive image for Baghdad‘s great articstic works,among other Arab and International cities,” Abdul-Zahra told news agency. He said the first sculpture, called ‘Baghdad,’ represents a pretty girl, sitting on a seat, dressed with old Arab costume, raising to 3 metres, on a 10.5 metre basee, to be erected in central Baghdad‘s Andalus Square. The second sculpture, called ‘Iraq‘s Safeguarding,’ represents a circular Somerian stamp, standing on Iraqi arms, raising to 6 metres, reflecting the steadfastness of Iraqis to confront all challenges, whilst the whole sculpture rises to 10 metres and would be erected in west Baghdad‘s Arab Knight Square in Mansour district, he stressed. “The third sculpture, by Mohammed Ghani Hikmat, is called “The Magic Light,” to be erected close to southern Baghdad‘s al-Fateh Square, close to the National Theatre, reflecting the Magic Light, cited in the ancient Baghdad‘s “One Thousand and One Nights,” rising to 8 metres, with a base, rising to 10 metres, whilst the fourth Sculpture represents a poem for the late famous Baghdad Poet, Mustapha Jamaluddin, rising for 5 metres with its base, and to be erected at the Beiruty Cafe in west Baghdad‘s Karkh Side,” he concluded. Mohammed Ghani Hikmat, was a famous Sculpture Artist, born in Baghdad in 1929 and graduated from its Fine Arts Institute in 1953, and then he scored a diploma in sculpture arts from the Fine Arts Academy in Rome in 1959, followed by several diplomas he got from Rome’s Zaka School in 1957 and a specialization in Bronze sculpturing from Florance in 1961. He had been the founder of Al-Zawiya Group and the Single Distance Group, along with the membership of the Baghdad Modern Arts Group, in addition to his contribution in several national fairs inside and outside Iraq, including Rome, Beirut and Baghdad, as well as his scoring of “Best Sculpture Artist prize, by the Gulpenkian Institution in 1964.” Some of Hikmat’s most famous works had been the “Shehrayar & Shehrazad Sculputre”, “Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves”, Hamourabi, the Baghdad Collage of Arts Wall Sculpture, a Sculpture for the famous Arab Poet, Abul-Tayib al-Mutanabi, al-Hurriya (Liberty) Sculpture in Central Baghdad, which was also shared by the famous Sculpture Artist Jawad Salim, representing the Iraqi People’s March, beginning from the British occupation to the Royalist Regime and then to the Republican system in Iraq. SKH (ST) Number of Reads:42

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