Iraq’s first independent digital news service

Founded in 2000, Iraqi News is a private online newspaper covering a range of Iraqi topics, including business, politics, technology, health, entertainment, arts, lifestyle, philanthropy, social issues, sports and more. It has no link to any political party or interest group. Through its neutral reporting and quality English journalism, Iraqi News works to promote democracy, freedom, human rights and business growth in Iraq as a post-war society. Iraqi News promises to put its readers first by providing them with the most up-to-date and accurate information about what is really happening in Iraq, the Middle East and beyond.

In a society which is transitioning from authoritarianism to democracy, the media is largely politicized. All political parties in Iraq own at least several media outlets to advance their political goals. The media controlled by political parties, the government or the state are predominantly ideological. They are not there to represent the true image of the society, but rather to represent the image they are interested in showing. In such media, neutrality and objectivity are almost always lost. Thus, the mission of Iraqi News is by no means an easy one. Its aim is not to tell people what to believe, but to allow them to make informed choices through access to unbiased information.

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