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  1. Iraq is occupied by US, Israel, Kurds, and NATO mercenaries. US can no longer fool the world.
    We see the death, destruction, and division US has brought to Iraq and the region. US must
    expelled from the region by force if necessary. Iraq must not be turned into a greater Kurdish
    state and a puppet to US. Iraqi government must be replaced in it’s entirety with Arab legislators
    who will serve all Iraqi’s.

  2. PM Mehdi and Pres. Saleh should be assassinated, and already there is 10 million dollar reward
    for this mission. Mahdi and Saleh are US agents placed in power to facilitate US hegemony and
    control of Iraq and it’s oil wealth. US will be buried in Iraq along with it’s terrorists coalition .

  3. The promise and the Judgment word of God
    In the Name of God, the Father, the Son and the Holly Sprit, one God Amen!
    Happy the Main Fasting of Our Almighty Lord & Savior Jesus Christ
    I extend my greetings to all Christian who are living all over the world and belief in God Jesus Christ and love Holy Mother St. Mary.
    I send this promise word or message to you which is given from our father God and Holy mother St. Mary because I have the duty to do in the name of Almighty.
    Before all I am praised to God for what has been done good to me and his kindness and the Holy mother St. Mary too, because she has taken me out of sin, assist my weakness and wrong words and helped me to speak out the message. I am your abnegated little brother with sin. I extend My Thankful to Tsadkane Mariam (St. Mary Church) Amen! for her support and help to relief me from my weakness and enable me to tell the hopeful promise message to all human beings.
    In this short period she has sustained my hope and at the end took me to YererLideta and Baeta Mariam church with the help of St.Micael. God loves me and give me his kindness and forgiveness. Amen! In this big Holy Monastery our Holy Mother told me and made me to know part by part and time by time about the promised message or word for my country, the church and the people.
    On January 2010 St. Mary made me to go to Debre Asebot Trinity Monastery and I have got the forgiveness and Kindness of God. I thank God Holy Savior because he doesn’t see my sin but gives me a relief from my wrongdoings.
    All of you who have got this message our Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters; I have received this promise word before 20 years from God with his advice, lesson and admonition and he has saved my soul from many adversity and anguish or suffering with great scarifies but not simply, even if it seems simple. Please seek God and his kindness, those who rely on or let their hope be on God, will not be
    ashamed. Accept him and say him ok, he will rest your soul in peace as written in the Bible. What I am telling you now is not new but it is written in Fikare Iyesus, Dirsane Urael and Tamire Medihanealem and the Holy Bible books of God’s prophecy but not mine. He gives me only the time. This was what our religious fathers were promised to get, even if, it is materialized now as God’s will and kindness.
    To all Human Beings living all over the world
    God’s Message and Order
    The time is coming to an end; please consider what was happened from 2010 to 2012 it is a copy and a reflection of this day. You may recall the volcanic eruption that was happened on 2010 and had interrupted Air transportation, so please think of what is happening now on 2020? On 2011 as the uprising or riot happed in Arab countries, on 2021 the same thing will also be happen in the world. On 2012 as you were worried about the massive destruction of the earth likewise, on 2022 there will also be a great suffering in the world. As stated in this message those who will come to Ethiopia up to 2023, they will be saved from this and their generation will continue. On 2024 and 2025 there will be a great world war i.e. Armageddon (Revelation 16÷16).
    If you accept this message in faith and belief, and make yourself ready and confess your sin, and refrain or keep yourself from fornication, adultery, inebriation, idolatry, singing of non-spiritual song and unclean practice, and live in fear of God, he will send his messenger to you before the sorrow day comes. With the help of St. Michael and St. Urael Angels St. Mary will save and bring you to her promised country as the ark of Noah, in Ethiopia. If you accept the message and come to Ethiopia in faith and belief, God will give you the rainbow and save you by his covenant.
    On 2022 Ethiopian Air Transportation, all its ports and all in and out gateways will be closed. According to the good will of God Ethiopian renascence will be on 2023.
    On 2025 the Devil with his army will be in jail, his kingdom will be removed from the earth and his followers and worshipers will be destroyed.
    The kingdom of Jesus Christ and his faith will be in place. King Tewodros, as an example of the Lord Savior will reign over the world. He will come to earth with Peace, Joy, Happiness and Love. Christians who belief in St. Mary will take and control the earth. Psalm 44÷16.
    There will be one shepherd, one nation, one language and one faith (religion). The heaven and the earth will worship and praise only the Holy Trinity; all the human beings will call her our Holy Mother Virgin St. Mary, you are blessed and sanctified. As it has been told on Revelation of John Chapter 20÷6, he who as a destiny in the first resurrection will be blessed and sanctified. The second death has no dominion over him again. What is told from Holy Mother, Yerer Baeta Mariam, Debre Asebot Holy Trinity monastery and written in the Bible, and which has been promised and kept by our forefathers about the renaissance of Ethiopia and the world will be materialized soon.
    Let Lord Savior may take you to the promise time for those who accept this message in faith and belief. (Amos 5÷4, Sirak 38÷7, Psalms 13÷3, Leviticus 26÷14, Leviticus 18÷22, Psalms 80÷12, Hosea 7÷11, Hebrews13÷4, Isaiah 48÷22, Romans 11÷14-21, Matthew 9÷13, Deuteronomy 28÷1, Romans 1÷18).
    This is not from mine but from the Almighty God.
    All of you please come to the promise land of Ethiopia.
    Mulugeta Mandefro (Kifle Mariam)
    Addis Ababa

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