Thursday, June 30, 2022


5 killed in Turkish bombardment targeting PKK in Northern Iraq

 5 killed in Turkish bombardment targeting PKK in Northern Iraq

Turkish drone. Getty images, AFP.

Baghdad ( – At least five people, including two civilians, were killed after Turkish drones bombarded sites belong to Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), in the remote mountainous town of Chamchamal in western Sulaymaniyah governorate on Saturday, local and medical sources told AFP.  

Ankara often bombards PKK sites in northern Iraq, especially in the autonomous region of Kurdistan.

“Turkish drones bombarded mountainous sites twice. The first bombing took place at 5:00 am, and second that targeted a vehicle where five people were killed was at 9:00 am. The identities of two of the five killed are still unknown,” said, Hemin Bahjat, Mayor of Agjalar town located near Chamchamal.

A source in the forensic medicine in Chamchamal informed AFP that two corpses arrived in the town’s hospital then were moved to the forensic medicine office in Sulaymaniyah governorate.

PKK’s spokesperson announced that three fighters were targeted by a Turkish drone and were seriously injured. He added that civilians came to provide assistance to the injured fighters but were killed in the bombing with the three fighters.

No comments have been issued by Ankara or the Turkish army on Saturday’s bombardment in northern Iraq.

Turkey carries out attacks in Iraq where PKK has military bases and training camps in Sinjar town in Nineveh governorate, and in mountainous areas in Kurdistan region bordering Turkey.

The PKK that Ankara and its western allies describe as a ‘terrorist group’ has been staging a rebellion against Turkey since 1984, and is based in remote mountainous areas in Iraq.