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64 new Iraqi lawmakers replace resigned Sadrist bloc MPs

 64 new Iraqi lawmakers replace resigned Sadrist bloc MPs

The Iraqi Parliament. Photo: AFP

Baghdad ( – 64 new Iraqi members of parliament were sworn in on Thursday to replace the resigned Sadrist bloc MPs.

The new 64 lawmakers started their duties in the Iraqi Parliament as 73 legislators belong to Iraq’s most influential Shiite politician, Muqtada al-Sadr, resigned collectively a few days ago.

Al-Sadr’s most prominent opponents from the so-called Coordination Framework, a coalition led by Iran-backed Shiite parties, now have the majority of seats in the Iraqi parliament.

A few days ago, MPs of the Sadrist bloc submitted their resignations from the Iraqi Parliament as their leader al-Sadr requested.  

According to Iraqi constitution, if any seat in the Parliament becomes unoccupied, the candidate who obtains the second highest number of votes in his/her electoral district would replace them.

Although the Iraqi Parliament is on a break, some MPs called for an extraordinary session on Thursday to vote on the new legislators.

Nine new MPs did not attend the session, four of them belong to the Harakat Hoquq (the Rights Movement), and the other five are independents.