Thursday, September 29, 2022


Iraq to develop five oil fields in Maysan

 Iraq to develop five oil fields in Maysan

Halfaya oil field. Photo: Jereh Oil & Gas Engineering

Baghdad ( – Missan Oil Company (MOC), the state-owned oil and gas company located in the Maysan governorate, announced on Thursday it reached advanced stages in the gas processing project of Halfaya oil field, and indicated that there are plans to develop five fields in the governorate, according to a statement of MOC cited by the state news agency (INA).

The statement clarified that 65 percent of the gas processing project in Halfaya oil field completed.

The project separates the basic components of the associated gas to obtain dry gas, which will be used in operating power plants. Through this project, liquid gas will be produced with a capacity ranges between 2000 and 2500 tons per day for domestic use and for cars running on gas, according to the statement.

The produced quantities of liquid gas will cover the requirements of the governorate, and the surplus quantities will be exported, the statement mentioned.

There are future plans to process the surplus gas produced from other fields such as Bazarkan, Al-Fakkah, Abu Gharb, Amarah and Noor through expanding the project and adding new processing units to process all quantities of gas in the long term.

MOC is currently preparing raw gas to operate a power plant in Al-Kahla district in Maysan governorate with a capacity of 250 megawatts.