Saturday, June 22, 2024


Iraqi Air Defense shoot down drone over Ain Al-Assad military base

 Iraqi Air Defense shoot down drone over Ain Al-Assad military base

A drone shot down and damaged. Photo: Al-Ain News

Baghdad ( – The Iraqi defense systems intercepted and shot down a drone flying over the Ain Al-Assad military base which houses U.S. forces.

Iraqi military sources mentioned it was not clear if the drone was on a reconnaissance mission or if it was carrying explosives.

The military sources stated that shooting down the drone did not cause any damages or casualties.

Last May, a security source reported that six missiles hit Ain Al-Assad military base that hosts military forces from the international coalition in Anbar governorate in western Iraq.

Ain Al-Assad military base is frequently hit by missiles and is subjected to drone attacks. It was also attacked on April 30, when two missiles fell near the base.

Through a pro-Iran channel on Telegram, unknown group named ‘International Resistance Faction’ claimed responsibility for the attack that took place on April 30.

Usually these attacks are not claimed by known parties, but the United States often accuses pro-Iran Iraqi factions.  

The attacks continue despite the official announcement of the Iraqi authorities in December 2021 that foreign military forces no longer exist in the country, and the mission of the remaining forces from the international coalition is only advisory and related to training.