Thursday, August 11, 2022


Iraqi conference highlights Qatar gas, security challenges

 Iraqi conference highlights Qatar gas, security challenges

Baghdad ( – Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi held his weekly meeting today. 

At the start of the meeting, Al Kadhimi addressed several issues – including an outline of the security challenges facing Iraq, the anticipated month of Ramadan and diversifying gas sources in Iraq.

The security challenges Iraq is facing, especially in the south was discussed today. The Minister of Culture, Hassan Nadhem said: “The government is trying to contain these events, while also being firm with criminals and gangs who harm our society.”

Al Kadhimi directed that additional supplies during the Holy Month of Ramadan are issued through the ration card system and that prices are closely observed and monitored.

The Cabinet is also exploring alternative sources of gas; with the intention of importing gas from Qatar. As a result, the Cabinet voted that the Ministry of Electricity, in collaboration with the Ministry of Oil, undertake measures to examine and study proposals of importation of liquified Qatari gas.