Sunday, August 14, 2022


Iraqi film joins the Amman International Film Festival 2022

 Iraqi film joins the Amman International Film Festival 2022

Photo: Our River…Our Sky

Baghdad ( – Iraqi film, ‘Our River…Our Sky’ (Kulshi Makoo in Arabic), will join the third edition of the Amman International Film Festival – Awel Film. The movie was directed and written by Maysoon Pachachi (daughter of the late Dr. Adnan Pachachi) and co-written by Iraqi writer, Irada Al-Jubori.

The cast includes renowned Iraqi actor Mahmoud Abo Al Abbas, Darina Al Joundi, Basim Hajar, Meriam Abbas, Zaydun Salman Khalaf, Sami Al-Ali, Ahmed Hashimi, Labwa Arab, and Ali Al Kareem.

Filmed in Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah, the storyline of ‘Our River…Our Sky’ is set during a time of sectarian violence in Iraq in late 2006 between Christmas and the Eid al-Adha. The film displays common Iraqis residing in Baghdad despite volatile violent sectarian attacks, which put them in danger.

Main character in the film, Sara (performed by Darina Al Joundi), is a single mother and novelist who tries to gauge unpredictable incidents unfolding around her. Shortly before the New Year in 2006, Sara and her nearby neighbors prepare for an unclear future while trying to maintain hope.

The movie recently held several screenings in Iraq including the Franco Arab Film Festival in Baghdad and Slemani International Film Festival in Sulaymaniyah. 

The Amman International Film Festival 2022, taking place between July 20 to July 27 in Jordan’s capital, highlights achievements in filmmaking, predominantly from the Arab world. In addition, it emphasizes on the screenings that showcase the originality and power of using the film as an artistic tool.