Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Saudi-Iraqi joint military exercise Arab Brothers 1 concluded

 Saudi-Iraqi joint military exercise Arab Brothers 1 concluded

The Commander of the Saudi Northern Region Saleh bin Ahmed Al-Zahrani. Photo: SPA

Baghdad ( – The Saudi-Iraqi joint military exercise ‘Arab Brothers 1,’ in which land forces from both countries participated, concluded on Monday in the Saudi northern region, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Senior military officials from Saudi Arabia and Iraq attended the military exercise. The attendees included Deputy Commander of the Royal Saudi Land Forces, Ahmad bin Abdullah Al-Migren, Deputy Commander of the Iraqi Land Forces, Saeb Obeid Al-Muhayyawi, Saudi Military Attaché in Iraq, Nasser Al-Sadon, and Iraqi Military Attaché in Saudi Arabia, Dawood Abdulkarim.  

The military exercise that started on June 12 included workshops aiming to unify military concepts, training to use tactical simulators to implement the exercise scenario, dealing with systems of command and control at all levels, and training on war methods in areas built-up according to developed plans.

This military exercise comes as part of the joint military exercises carried out by the Saudi armed forces throughout the year with friendly countries to raise the combat effectiveness of the troops, to gain field experience and to work on unifying military concepts and terms among forces participating in exercises, according to SPA.

The SPA mentioned that the Commander of the Saudi Northern Region, Saleh bin Ahmed Al-Zahrani, confirmed that ‘Arab Brothers 1’ military exercise achieved the previously planned goals, as both Saudi and Iraqi land forces performed the required tasks successfully.

Zahrani also elaborated that the Saudi and Iraqi forces demonstrated their ability to deal with the latest technologies and weapons in terms of command and control, managed to apply war doctrine and unified joint military concepts, SPA mentioned.

Zahrani commended the professional level both Saudi and Iraqi forces showed during the different stages of military exercise.