Monday, January 17, 2022


Iraqi Financier’s Connection with Gucci

 Iraqi Financier’s Connection with Gucci

The iconic Gucci stores. (Photo courtesy: Julien Tondu)

Baghdad ( – Gucci. The pinnacle of fashion; the Italian powerhouse that has revolutionized the industry and became the most recognizable brand to ever exist. A high-luxury household name, Gucci has influenced, reinvented and impacted the fashion world differentiating itself from the rest. 

With just weeks after the release of House of Gucci and sold out tickets in cinemas, fans are left speechless. It was the highest grossing opening weekend during the Covid era. The drama film, directed by Ridley Scott gives a magnified lens view into the dynasty’s darkest moments and scandals. 

Nemir A. Kirdar, the late Iraqi billionaire and founder of Investcorp – is featured in the film and the world learns how he landed one of the highest profitable deals in the fashion world. Kirdar became part of the fabric of Gucci in the early 1990’s and eventually won full control in 1993. 

The Gucci dynasty is a dark tale of glamour, betrayal and loss but this fashion powerhouse has transcended the test of time.