Monday, January 17, 2022


Iraqi telecom company Asiacell shortlisted for the Data Centers Development Award

 Iraqi telecom company Asiacell shortlisted for the Data Centers Development Award
DCD Awards 2021 finalists featuring Iraqi telecom, Asiacell. (Photo courtesy: Data Center Dynamics)

London, UK ( – One of the leading Iraqi telecom companies, Asiacell, is now one of the global carrier finalists to win the Middle East + Africa Data Center Development (DCD) Award for the year 2021.

Asiacell is being recognized for its role in rebuilding the telecommunication infrastructure in Iraq. This includes the Asiacell Datacentres’ project which commenced in January 2020 and in a fleeting period, Asiacell has managed to establish thirteen datacentres across Iraq, four of which are Tier 3 datacentres, and the rest are still in the primary development process to follow. The datacentres were built and developed with the aim to improve the quality of Iraq’s telecommunications and wireless internet. Their presence enhances the Asiacell 4G/4G+ LTE technology in Iraq allowing them to dominate the market share by over 50% and to elevate the level of services they offer their customers. Asiacell’s Datacentres allowed more than 99% of Iraqi regions to be covered and have access to the internet.

Hicham Siblini, Asiacell’s Chief of Technology and Information Officer, stated: “We are delighted and honored by being shortlisted in such a respected award from DCD. This isn’t an accomplishment for Asiacell as much as it’s an accomplishment for all of Iraq, many years ago, being considered for such an award was a dream. We had nothing we can compete with, nothing to showcase, but today, we stand tall as we enter global competitions. We, Asiacell promised you that we will reclaim Iraq’s position as a leader in the region and the leading telecommunication company is getting closer to realizing that goal by day. We are working day and night to deliver what the Iraqi community deserves, and Iraqi people deserve the best.”

DCD is recognized as the “Oscars Award of Datacenters Industry” and has been publishing content and running events related to the data centres industry since 1998. They engage an active database of more than 300,000 professionals across the globe. 

The winners are to be announced during the award ceremony which is taking place in London on December 8th. Its contenders are shortlisted by an independent judging panel amongst hundreds of entries submitted from 35 different countries across 6 continents.