Allaq describes Nijaifi’s visit to Qatar as “Suspected”

Allaq describes Nijaifi\

Baghdad ( The member of the State of Law Coalition described the visit of the Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, to Qatar as “Suspected.”

He stated to “Nijaifi’s visit to Qatar is suspected and it has several critical indications in a stage where Iraq is facing a security and political attack as well as hostile stances by Qatar and Turkey.”

“It is not suitable for the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament to travel abroad to respond to an invitation by a satellite channel like Al-Jazeera that work on consolidating sectarian sedition in the region,” he went on.

Concerning Nijaifi’s statements through the interview with Jazeera Channel, Allaq confirmed “Such statements represent a fall and indicate a psychological as well as political defeat for him as they revealed his sectarian hostility and his harsh criticism for the Premier.”

He stressed “The necessity of showing a unified stance by the parliament against its Speaker for his tensed stances that participate in increasing the political tension.”

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