Demonstrators reject calls to cancel Justice & Accountability law, Article 4 of Anti-Terrorism

Baghdad ( hundreds of citizens demonstrated in Nassiriya city of Dhi-Qar province, on Saturday, to announce their refusal for the calls for canceling the Justice and Accountability law and the Article 4 of Anti-Terrorism Law.

The reporter of “The demonstration was spontaneous,” noting that “The political prisoners of former regime as well as the families of terrorism victims in addition to the tribal people participated in the demonstration.”

“The demonstration started from al-Habobi square then headed to the parliament office in the city to submit their demands over refusing the foreign interferences in the Iraqi affairs,” the reporter added.

For his part, member of Dhi-Qar Provincial Council, Lateef Thijeil, stated in a press statement “The demands of the demonstrators in Nassiriya are constitutional and the government does not have a right to ignore them because they represent the victims of the former regime and terrorism.”

“Most of the citizens in Anbar province suffered from terrorism and currently they started to call to redeploy the Iraqi Army in their areas to protect them from Qaeda,” he concluded.

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