From Qatar: Nijaifi launches fierce attack against Maliki, calls him to resign

From Qatar: Nijaifi launches fierce attack against Maliki, calls him to resign

Baghdad ( The Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, launched fierce attack against the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, calling him to resign.

In an interview with him by Jazeera Qatari Satellite Channel, he assured “We call Maliki to resign and to nominate new PM with transitory Government then to dissolve the parliament and to conduct early elections.”

“Maliki does not respect the partnership and deepening the disputes in Iraq,” he added, noting that “The current events in the country are merely a peaceful revolt adherent to the constitution that must be respected rather than confronted.”

“The discrimination policy started in Maliki’s second rotation,” he stressed.

Concerning the issue of the sentenced to death VP, Tariq al-Hashimi, he said “Hashimi was oppressed and his case represents a method to target the Sunni sect in Iraq as he managed to identify Maliki’s wrong policy.”

“Involving the head of the Federal Court, Midhat al-Mahmoud, with the procedures of the Justice and Accountability Commission is a historical decision,” referring that “The JAC procedures were applied against the Sunni people in unjust way.”

He urged “To preserve the peaceful nature of the demonstrations and neglecting the violence and to respond to the demonstrators’ demands.”

“There is a dictatorship in the country and lack of respecting the parliamentary laws,” he continued.

He called to “Reach a national agreement and to resort to the constitution in addition to changing the structure of the regime in Iraq.”

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