Kurdish MP criticizes Iraq’s poor foreign policy

Kurdish MP criticizes Iraq\

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) MP, Najeeb Abdullah, of the Kurdistani Islamic Union criticized Iraq’s poor foreign policy.

He stated to Iraqi News (IraqiNews.com) “Despite holding the Arab Summit in Baghdad, Iraq did not assume its proper regional role yet due to lack of normal relations with the regional and Arabic countries.”

“The political crises negatively affected the Iraqi foreign policies clearly and there is not unified foreign strategy concerning the relations with the other countries,” he remarked.

Some observers confirm that Iraq becomes adopting independent method through its initiatives in the Summit of the Non-Aligned Countries, heading the Arab Summit in Baghdad in addition to its initiatives concerning the crisis in Syria.

Some others assured the contrary due to the political disputes and its negative consequences on the performance of the governmental institution including the Ministry of Foreing Affairs.

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