Kurds’ participation in Federal Government Unconstitutional


Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) MP, Sameera al-Musawi, of the State of Law Coalition pointed out “The Kurds’ participation in the Federal Government is unconstitutional.”

She stated to IraqiNews.com “The Kurds are there in all the State institutions at all levels starting from the three Presidencies,” noting that “They enjoy privileges which are not for their constitutional rights.”

“Constitutionally, the Federal Government represents the provinces that are not involved in a Region because every Region has its own government and Ministers,” she added.

“Though Kurds have their own Regional Government, they assume the responsibility of Foreign Ministry as well as Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Health,” she mentioned.

“The Kurds participation must be limited to the Kurdistani Regional Government and the Presidential posts,” she concluded.

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