Maliki calls Iraq’s Ambassadors abroad to explain Iraq’s attitudes to world public opinion

Maliki calls Iraq Ambassadors abroad to explain Iraq's attitudes to world public opinion

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki called Iraq’s Ambassadors to explain Iraq’s attitudes to the world public opinion and the decision-makers and trace the conditions of the Iraqi communities abroad, calling them to stick to impartiality while assuming their offices.

A statement by Maliki’s office cited on Sunday “The Primer Maliki received at his office in Baghdad, a number of Iraqi Ambassadors who will start their missions in new capitals. He urged the Ambassadors to work for favor of all Iraqis regardless of their factional affiliations.”

“The Iraqi PM called on the Iraqi diplomatic missions in the world to double their efforts in a way that serves Iraq and fades away the suspicions over its internal and external policies,” the statement added.

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