Thursday, September 29, 2022


Maliki’s coalition calls to prove Qatari Amir’s support for gunmen in Iraq, Syria


Baghdad ( Mohamed al-Sayhoud of the State of Law Coalition headed by the Premier Nouri al-Maliki called to gather the evidences which prove the involvement of Qatar Amir in supporting the armed groups in Iraq and Syria.

Some politicians accuse foreign countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey of interfering in Iraq’s affairs and support the demonstrations in western provinces of Iraq.

Sayhoud told “The region, today, witness cold-blooded crimes against the innocent people where the terrorism in Iraq is financed and supplied with weapons by sides which are responsible for the chaos in the region including Qatar Emir who is one of the most powerful figures which support terrorism in the region and a tool to support the peoples.”

He called to gather evidences that prove “Qatar Emir’s involvement in the terrorism, so all the terrorism-supporting sides should be brought to the international courts to be served the due punishment.”

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