Mayahi announces collecting 110 MPs’ signatures to withdraw confidence from Nijaifi

Mayahi announces collecting 110 MPs\

Baghdad ( The leader within the White bloc, Aziz al-Mayahi, revealed collecting the signatures of 110 MPs from different blocs to withdraw the confidence from the parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi.

In a press statement received by, he said “Nijaifi insisted on holding the exceptional session and changed it to a consultative one, did not give him the right to be the head of the Legislative Authority where the constitution and the law clearly state that the parliament sessions do not need personal interferences and by not lifting the exceptional session, Nijaifi allied to a certain bloc.”

“By his sectarian slogans and ignoring some violations by a certain bloc, Nijaifi became not qualified to head the Legislative Authority in Iraq,” he added.

“The national political blocs aim at withdrawing the confidence from Nijaifi to replace him with a national figure that is more qualified, neutral and acceptable to be in harmony with the interest of Iraq and away from the selectively or being allied to a certain bloc,” he concluded.

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