National White bloc criticizes Nijaifi’s visit to Qatar

National White bloc criticizes Nijaifi\

Baghdad ( The White National bloc described the visit of the Iraqi Parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi to Qatar as unsuitable as Qatar supports certain Iraqi agendas that try to ignite sectarianism in Iraq.

The Secretary General of the bloc, Jamal al-Bateikh, said in a statement received by “Nijaifi’s visit to Qatar is not suitable especially since the country lives growing political crisis and tensed Iraqi-Qatari relations.”

“All know Qatar’s negative stance towards Iraq and the support Qatar provides for some parties in Iraq which work on creating sectarian strife,” Bateikh added.

“The evidence for Qatar’s opponent position towards Iraq is that Qatar did not appoint ambassador in Iraq despite the presence of the Iraqi embassy in Doha,” he concluded.

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