Sadoon criticizes Iraqiya Slate’s decision over boycotting parliament’s sessions

Sadoon criticizes Iraqiya Slate\

Baghdad ( MP Muhsen al-Sadoon of the Kurdistani Alliance stressed that “The decision of the Iraqiya Slate related to boycotting the parliament’s regular sessions would not resolve the current crisis, but rather will complicate it.”

Sadoon told Iraqi News “The decision of the IS over boycotting its attention at the parliament till meeting the demonstrators’ demands will not solve the problem but would hinder the parliament’s performance where all the parliamentary blocs are agreed on considering the demonstrators’ demands with taking into account their compliance with the law and the constitution.”

He continued saying “As for their second demand that of withdrawing confidence from the government, it also do not need to boycott the parliament sessions since it is an allowed request that could be discussed at the parliament.”

The IS has threatened to boycott the Parliament regular sessions in case of not meeting the demonstrators’ demands.

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